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Bahraini Muhammar Rice
Sweet and spicy rice with garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and rose water
Basil Cashew and Raisins Pilaf
Rice with basil, turmeric, peas, cashew and raisins
Brown Rice with Chickpeas
Brown rice with vermicelli, chickpeas and carrots
Cumin Rice
Cumin and onion flavoured rice
Egyptian Chicken Rice
Rice with chicken filets and grated carrot
Egyptian Moamar Baked Rice
Creamy, spicy baked rice with a golden brown crust
Egyptian Onion Rice
Rice with onion
Emirati Arsiyah Chicken Rice
Moist chicken rice with cinnamon and cardamom
Garlic Lemon and Herb Rice
Fluffy rice with garlic, lemon and fresh herbs
Iraqi Biryani
Rice with saffron, minced lamb, chicken, carrot, potato and peas

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