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Beef Pastry Squares
Pastry squares filled with beef and onion
Cheese Filled Pastry Triangles
Crispy pastry triangles filled with creamy white cheese
Chickpea Sambusak
Fried pasty stuffed with chickpeas, onions and spice
Eggplant and Lamb Pies
Butter pastry pies with eggplant and lamb filling
Egyptian Fytir Mashaltit Bread
Traditional layered bread from Upper Egypt
Fried Beef and Almond Parcels
Spicy beef with crushed almonds, onion and garlic
Garlic Pita Crisps
Baked garlic and olive oil crisps
Iraqi Iroog Bread
Spicy bread with beef, onion and tomato cooked through
Lebanese Flat Pita Bread
Traditional khobz bread
Lebanese Meat and Tomato Pies
Open spicy pies with minced lamb, tomato and pine nuts

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